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Spring 2015

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (Interfraternity Council)

Description: On Jan. 31, 2015, Lambda Chi Alpha hosted a mixer with a sorority where mixer attendees and brothers were not contained to the designated party location and were upstairs in rooms where alcohol was being consumed.

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible for violating the Event Management Guidelines by not having sober monitors in the proper areas and for the presence of alcohol during a a new member function, which was registered as alcohol free. As a result, the chapter was fined $5. per active and associate brother as it pertains to alcohol at new member events, placed on social probation until the IFC Sexual Assault Resolution training is completed by at least 75% of chapter;required to revise and submit their security and risk management plan.

Delta Upsilon Fraternity (Interfraternity Council) 

Description: On Feb. 4, 2015, Delta Upsilon fraternity hosted a social event during which it was alleged that alcohol was provided to individuals under the age of 21, and other drugs were present.

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter not responsible for directly serving underage individuals, however, they did believe the chapter failed to live up to the expectations of the sober monitor policy, as they did not account for work being done on the facility, changing the party layout leaving areas vulnerable. As a result, the Board required the chapter to review the chapter's current event management plan with the IFC Judicial Chair to develop it to become more comprehensive. The chapter was placed on social probation until the plan was completed.

Sigma Pi Fraternity (Interfraternity Council)

Description: On Feb. 17, 2015, Sigma Pi members told stories to the new members of detailed hazing that had occurred in the past and the new members believed this could happen to them which caused significant anxiety and distress to the new members, and is thus, a large source of intimidation. The chapter is responsible for the actions of brothers and what they do and say to new members.

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible for Level 1 hazing. As a result, the chapter received an official warning that any future hazing violations would result in more serious outcomes; the chapter was required to create a new member plan that is safe, effective, and achievable; additionally, the chapter was to create and execute a policy on educating the general brotherhood on the new member education plan, as well as what constitutes hazing. The Board also officially endorses the education programs proposed by the chapter during the hearing, including the training by Sigma Pi Fraternity International’s Executive Director.

Sigma Nu Fraternity (Interfraternity Council)

Description: On Feb. 28, 2015, Sigma Nu fraternity hosted an unregistered philanthropy event where four Cornell freshmen were in possession of Keystone Light beer.  The four students informed the Officers that they had paid $10 to enter the event and were handed jello shots from a tray and consumed several cans of beer. 

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible for violations of the Event Management Guidelines, specifically related to an unregistered event; a common source of alcohol and hard liquor; failing to prevent open containers from leaving the premises, and providing alcohol to individuals under 21 years of age.

As a result, the chapter was sanctioned four weeks of social probation; fined $5 per active member for hosting an event with hard liquor (the IFC donated that money to charity) ; required to revise the chapter’s Risk Reduction and Crisis Management Plan so it contains local  procedures which will help the organization better respond if there should be reason to in the future ; required entire chapter to receive training on the Event Management Guidelines/policies and social probation.  

Psi Upsilon Fraternity (Interfraternity Council)

Description: On March 2, 2015, Psi Upsilon’s Annual State Fire Inspection report indicated that there were many fire code violations, particularly regarding candles, combustibles in common space areas, and smoking in rooms. The chapter received a Fire Safety training less than a month prior to the State Fire Inspection.

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible as it pertains to property maintenance and for violating compliance with University regulations.

As a result, the chapter was not to host social events until the common space areas were up to code. The chapter had to submit written documentation of the internal judicial board process and fine system.  The description was to include how members are held accountable for personal fire code violations, the specific duties of the house manager as they appertain to fire safety and how the house manager is held accountable for his responsibilities, and how the chapter intends to keep these policies in place.

Sigma Chi Fraternity (Interfraternity Council)

Description: On March 22, 2015, Sigma Chi fraternity took responsibility for sober monitors consuming alcohol during a registered event and for disruptive behavior because members and guests did not leave the building while there was an active fire alarm. During the walk through of the halls several people who had failed to evacuate were found in the house behind closed doors and marijuana was found in plain view while clearing one room.

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter in violation of the Event Management Guidelines, specifically  insufficient sober monitors  and drugs/controlled substances; the Expectations for Membership, specifically disruptive behavior of members and guests, and failure to comply with health and safety devices. 

As a result, the chapter must review its current risk management plans with  the Vice President for Judicial to strengthen their plan. The chapter will remain on social probation until the end of the semester, or until all necessary improvements on their risk management plans are made. The chapter must also complete a fire safety presentation with 80% of the chapter in attendance in the beginning of the fall 2015 semester before it may register for events.  

Sigma Nu Fraternity (Interfraternity Council)

Description: On May 7, 2015, Slope Day, Sigma Nu hosted a social event during which the presence of hard alcohol, and a lack of effective sober monitoring was observed.

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible for insufficiently monitoring the event which allowed hard alcohol to be present and accessed by attendees.  The chapter was also found responsible for encouraging binge drinking as they admitted to allowing drinking games to take place. The chapter was fined $20 per member; ordered to have the leaders attend a meeting to review their risk management plan and receive recommendations for improvement; was given 6-weeks of social probation; placed on Disciplinary Probation until Sept. 16, 2016 (1-year).  

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